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"Think Tank" researching on the required knowledge and thought leadership

Integrated Energy Research Center : R&D Center(Research on the water and environment area/Research on city gas, integrated energy, and new renewable energy area), Economic study(Research on energy policies and economic outlook), Training Center(Customized field training focusing on practice (required course, specialist course, and trusted course)), Technical Information Center(Management of distributing technical data and new technology information)
  • 2017.01Restructured to Samchully Technology Research Department
  • 2014.01Restructured to Samchully Integrated Energy Research Center
  • 2012.01Restructured to Samchully Technology Research Center
  • 2011.01Restructured to Samchully Energy Environment Research Center
  • 2009.01Restructured to Samchully Energy Technology Research Center
  • 2006.03Demonstrated and presented R&D result articles at Gas Korea 2006
  • 2005.10Constructed and operated the new/renewable energy verification
  • 2004.03Demonstrated and presented R&D result articles at Gas Korea 2004
  • 2003.03Established the Seoul branch of Technology Research Center
    (Facility Information Team)
  • 2001.10Constructed the training center (supply facility practice site,
    use facility practice site)
  • 2001.04Re-organized specialized energy research centers
    (R&D center, training center, and technology information center)
  • 2000.06Demonstrated and presented R&D result articles at Gas Korea 2000
  • 1999.10Developed the industry, academy, and research center R&D system,
    and signed an research agreement with the Korea Institute of
    Energy Research and Sungkyunkwan University
  • 1998.07Completed the construction of the model CNG station
  • 1996.06Completed the construction of independent technology research
    center(located at Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-do)
  • 1990.10Established Samchully Energy Technology Research Center