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CEO’s Message


Samchully is now resetting its
main objective as becoming
“Firm of Endearment” by customers and society.

On behalf of Samchully, I would like to thank all of you for visiting Samchully.
2015 was one of a conmemorable year to Samchully since it marked the 60th Anniversary since its establishment.
Thanks to all of our customers’ support, employees’ dedication, partner’s efforts, and society’s companionship have made Samchully what it is today.
As I recall, those 60 years has been full of challenges and transformations.
Samchully was established in 1955, started in coal briquette business. In 1980’s, Samchully began its transformation and went into city gas supply business. Samchully has been one of top tiers in those businesses by overcoming challenges and successful transformation.

In recent years, Samchully strengthened its main energy business sector by going into power generation and integrated energy supply. Samchully also diversified its business areas into non-energy sectors such as environment sector and life & culture sector, and financial sector. Due to these diversifications, Samchully Group is now with a whole wide range of business portfolio.
Samchully thanks for all the support and love from each and every one of you that have been given to us.
Samchully is now resetting its main objective as becoming “Firm of Endearment” by customers, employees, shareholders and local community so that it will prosper to see the centennial anniversary.
To do so, Samchully will innovate to enhance the efficiency, strengthen its capabilities and challenge itself into new dominions. To our customers, Samchully will provide services to meet needs and wants. To our partners, Samchully will respect them and maintain our win-win relationships. To the society, Samchully will participate and support social contribution activities as a member of the society.
Please be with us as Samchully grows to become “Firm of Endearment”.
Thank you and may happiness be with you and your family always. CEO Yoo Jae Kwon