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Investor Relations

Financial Ratio

Samchully seeks continuous growth through value creation

Ratio of owner’s equity= Total Equity/ Total Asset

2011Y 46.7%, 2012Y 41.9%, 2013Y 43.5%

Debt to Equity Ratio= Total Debt/ Total Equity

2011Y 114.2%, 2012Y 138.5%, 2013Y 129.9%

Current Ratio= Current Asset/ Current Liability

2011Y 124.4%, 2012Y 108.1%, 2013Y 141.4%

Interest Coverage Ratio= EBIT/ Interest Payment

2011Y 8.3, 2012Y 5.6, 2013Y 4.6

ROE= Net Income/Avg Total Equity

2011Y 2.7%, 2012Y 3.1%, 2013Y 3.4%

ROA= Net Income/Avg Total Asset

2011Y 1.3%, 2012Y 1.4%, 2013Y 1.5%


2011Y 9,346KRW, 2012Y 11,140KRW, 2013Y 12,459KRW


2011Y 314,363KRW, 2012Y 321,773KRW, 2013년 331,753KRW