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Here is the Samchully group, which is headed for continuous growth

Company Motto

誠實 Sincerity
Sincerity means “behavior and attitude with honesty and earnestness.” "Sincerity", the company motto of Samchully stands for :
1. Honesty 2. Diligence 3. Kindness.
The two chairpersons interpret the concept of <Sincerity> as
1. Moralism and 2. Activism.
Moralism means [Not deceiving myself and others] and [Doing one's best]. Practicing <Sincerity> requires 1. Innate goodwill and voluntary in-depth training, and 2. Courage to face enormous sacrifice.
一進 One step ahead
一進 is the abbreviation of the phrase meaning “One step forward.”

It means that
Samchully people shall think, decide, and put the mission into practice one step ahead of others.

It also refers to improvements from yesterday to today and from today to tomorrow as well as from last year to this year and from this year to the next, in order to realize the continuous growth of both the company and its employees.
Such spirit can only be embodied through constant learning and by practicing what we learned.

Company Poem

家庭愛 職場愛 Both in the family and workplace
The poem describes the requirements for Samchully employees along with “Sincerity” and “One step ahead".
The poem basically says, "Cultivate your own integrity before managing your family and ruling the nation and the world." In other words, Samchully people must love their family first, and then love the company where they work.
家庭愛 職場愛 가/정/애 직/장/애

Company Song Play the song

Verse 1
Look to where you are, filled with light and passion. Where our mother country stands on its own, we have gathered here to light up the country under the motto of Sincerity and One step ahead.
Verse 2
Join us where power and dreams overflow. We plant new seeds of light in every corner of the whole country in line with the marvelous development. We find our own happiness at both home and workplace.
Ah~~ Ah~~ Fruitful life at Samchully Ah~~ The light from the Orient brightens the whole world.