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Affiliated Companies

Here is the Samchully group, which is headed for continuous growth

Samtan Co., Ltd.

Samtan developed the Paser mine in Indonesia in the early 1980s, growing into the fifth biggest and one of the best blue chip companies in the global mining industry. The company is also exporting soft coal to 16 countries including Japan, China, and India. It has diversified its business to palm plantation and others to secure its position as the leading global resources/energy provider.

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S-power Co., Ltd.

As a private company jointly established by Samchully, Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd., and Posco, S-power started construction of an LNG-based combined cycle power plant with capacity of 835MW in Ansan City in November 2012. It has been contributing to national power supply capacity since starting commercial operation in November 2014.

HUCES Co., Ltd.

HUCES is a joint company by Samchully and Korea District Heating Corp set up in September 2006. A high-efficiency, eco-friendly energy provider, the company supplies local heating in the west-southern areas of Gyeonggido Province, and it will lead the mass energy business in the future.


Samchully ENG Co., Ltd.

Samchully ENG specializes in engineering including piping for providing city gas, managing CNG charging stations, and providing safe support for customers with large demand. It is also operating an SL&C business division wherein 17 branches under the three catering brands of ‘Chai797’, ‘Chai797 PLUS’ and ‘Chai797 JUMBO’, and 2 branches under ‘Jeongnyukjeom’ and ‘Jeongnyukjeom Bulgogi’ are in operation.

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Samchully ES Co., Ltd.

Based on its energy efficiency technology and engineering capacity, Samchully ES specializes in the provision of total energy solution while expanding its business to the manufacture of biogas, biogas-based power plant, and water processing plant.

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Samchully Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Jointly established with the Samchully group and global financial service group Macquarie Group, Samchully Asset Management Company invests in traditional energy resources such as oil, gas, and mining, energy infrastructure (midstream asset), power plant, and renewable energy projects to introduce energy-related products to the Korean capital market.

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Samchully Motors Co., Ltd.

Samchully Motors Co., Ltd. is the largest BMW dealer in Chungcheong province, reliably managing showrooms and service centers in Cheongju and Cheonan. Samchully Motors is planning to continuously expand showrooms and service centers in order to fulfill the priceless value of customers in nearest location.

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