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Fuel Cell

With features such as convenience, cleanliness, and safety, city gas has been used extensively by households and industries

What is the "One million green homes construction work project"?

The government policy that subsidizes part of the installation costs when a new renewable energy source is installed in the house to be built(e.g., solar heat, geothermal heat, small-scale wind power, and fuel cell)in order to build one million houses equipped with renewable energy by 2020.

53 houses in Ajelbaum, Dongbaek, Yongin

Major activities and results of Samchully

  • Samchully signed an agreement on participating in the "One million green homes construction work project" for three years (2010 – 2012) and implemented the project.
  • Operating a total of 281, including Hwaseong Saint Castle(108) at the end of 2014
42 houses in Cheongdo Solium, Bansong-dong, Hwaseong

Future plan

Samchully will continuously make efforts to realize distributed-type energy self-sufficiency in houses and detached houses in villages.

108 houses, Dongtan Saint Castle, Hwaseong